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Human Resources Executives

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It is now broadly recognized that world class human resources executives can play a major role in helping CEOs to achieve their strategic business objectives. Not only by attracting good candidates, maintaining employees or managing them effectively, but also by covering several fields such as psychology (personal and organizational), industrial engineering, legal studies, sociology, etc.

In fact, this wide range of competencies covers two main activities:

HR Management, including ensuring your personnel and management practices conform to various regulations, managing your approach to employee benefits and compensation, employee record and personnel policies.

HR Development, including recruiting and training, dealing with performance issues, and a broad range of activities, such as career development, organization development, etc.

Working at several levels, in a day-to-day activity, but as much as possible like a proactive partner for the top management, HR Directors need to act as both a thought partner to the CEO and other board members, as well as a personal advisor occasionally.

All in all, finding the HR executive able to deal with these several matters can turn out to be as strategic as difficult: a good reason to meet an expert in search and selection!

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