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Financing and Investing

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Financial transformations: One of the most changing industries, financial activities are moving forward, beyond their traditional matters (to guaranty the quality of information and master the financial risks). After years of technological mutations, Financial Directions are now facing more and more regulations, increasing corporate executive responsibility. Meanwhile, CFOs are facing fast moving challenges: the extreme market places volatility, changes in the economic situations in clients needs. That increasing complexity also occurs within the firms, testing bottom up or top down practices, setting new forms of partnerships, managing their operations at an international level, or limiting their back-offices forces, sometimes by outsourcing. That’s why CFOs are not only cost cutters, but are growing actors in strategic corporate decisions. That’s also why THIRDMAN helps you to find out financial experts with the relevant business acumen level.

Corporate & Investment banking

In a highly changing industry, dealing with growth, but also a deep fragility (as shown in the subprime crisis), the corporate and investment banks are focusing on the key issues: business development, efficiency and cost management, governance and reporting, risk and capital management, and of course people management.

THIRDMAN attends to the needs of clients and candidates at Managing Director level or across a variety of functions such as Traders (execution trading, sales trading, flow and prop trading, market making, volatility and arbitrage trading), Sales, Structurers, Strategists or Quantitative Analysts.

THIRDMAN has expertise across all products and asset classes, with openings ranging from cash or vanilla derivatives to complex / exotic products.

Structured Finance

Banks provide companies and investment funds with bespoke solutions to finance their development projects: real estate, export, acquisitions and leverage, etc. Needing senior Managers, but also experts, our clients can find, by THIRDMAN, the expertise of saling, structuring and trading, whatever dealing in Equities, FX, IRS, Credit or Commodities markets. Not to mention, our French roots are creating this particular links with French Traders.

Asset Management

The asset management industry, with total assets equivalent to the world GDP, plays worldwide a crucial role in the management of savings for individuals and institutions, contributing to the structuring of the markets and the financing of national economies. It responds to different demands: savers and investors needing to securitize their portfolios still substantially held in liquid placements, western and emergent countries needing to supplement the pay-as-you-go retirement systems with defined contribution schemes, or infrastructures needing more than government financing. Meanwhile, over the last few years, the legal framework of the profession has been modernized, thus providing greater security and enabling the introduction of new management techniques and types of UCITS. Unfortunately, this has also been reflected in a strong increase of regulatory pressure, leading to direct and indirect costs, in a context of heightened competition with other marketplaces but also with other types of financial products less strictly regulated and monitored.

As actor in the French marketplace,THIRDMAN have been impregnated by its specificities, especially the long French experience in financial mathematics, in contact with the most sought-after candidates, on a comprehensive range of products, eligible assets and techniques.

Private Banking

Facing the changes of emerging new hubs of private banking (especially in the Middle and Far East area) and having to deal with a fast moving amount of assets under management, the private banking industry is remaining under structuring: while consolidation trends will continue to ensure more scale benefits, the biggest bank will coexist with local players having strong domestic brands. Whereas key clients’ expectations remain discretion, quality of service, performance and reputation, another factor for bank choice has emerged: a more personal relationship, based on a better knowledge of each client. This one is now looking for trusted expert advice in a wider range of fields and countries. Thus, if performance is still necessary, listening and understanding is becoming more and more crucial. Banks have to keep up with these new demands, while professional bankers have to evolve accordingly. As experienced consultants, present for many years in your activity, THIRDMAN has access to these Global Managers you are looking for.

Retail Banking

As a mass-market, needing proximity in selling and marketing and – often – physical presence, retail banking is facing the stakes of universality (service offered including traditional commercial bank products, but also insurance or specialized financial services, etc.). Using multiple delivery channels, facing growing compliance requirements and meeting mergers and acquisitions, today’s banks are living under the necessity of offering better customer services without compromising their profitability, not to mention, their risk exposure.